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Karen Gillan Time Travels Again in Romeo and Brittney

Romeo_and_BrittneyKaren Gillan has signed on to play a New Jersey high school student named Brittney who time travels back to the 13th century in Romeo and Brittney, according to Deadline.

Gillan is no stranger to time travel stories.  On BBC’s Doctor Who, she is currently playing Amy Pond, a young Scottish woman who accompanies the Doctor throughout space and time in the TARDIS.  In Romeo and Brittney, Gillan will play the title role of Brittney, a normal modern day high school student who awakes one day to find herself transported back to Verona during the time in which Shakespeare’s story of Romeo and Juliet was placed. The main catch is that the events from the play are really taking place there and people she knows from the present day are all now characters from the play. She is desperate to leave the 13th century because she knows how the play ends.

So far, the cast includes Gillian Anderson (X-files) who will be playing the dual roles of Gillan’s mother and the Nurse. Robert Sheehan (The Misfits, Cherrybomb) is a 21st century nerd form her school who just happens to become her Romeo.

Romeo and Brittney will begin production in May.  No word yet on when it will hit theaters.

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